The Doomed Bird of Providence have a few things out on Front & Follow.

The Doomed Bird of Providence remixed a Sone Institute song from the recently released A Model Life.

Listen here:

The band are releasing a four track EP on Front and Follow in late January.  The EP is a part of the Long Division with Remainders project.

Preview here:

Sunday 25th March @ The Portland Arms
Doors 8pm, £5

Leigh Folk Festival
21st -24th JUNE 2012

Have a listen to a Mixcloud compilation made up of selections by members of The Doomed Bird of Providence:




The Death Flurry

August 12, 2011

The Doomed Bird of Providence perform at Shedfest 23rd july 2011.





OUT NOW featuring remixes of the Doomed Bird of Providence track off their debut album Will Ever Pray.


Some truly amazing reworkings of the track from the artists below (text from the Front & Follow site):

I Am A Vowel is Nelly Languier. Fang Bomb released her debut album ‘ET OP LA BANG!’, created with her voice, stones and a laptop computer. The ‘Body Curves EP’ will be out in 2011 on Fang Bomb. I Am A Vowel says of the this remix: “I was inspired for the major part of my remix by the little piece of vocal ’She arrives’”.

Mark Beazley is the founder member of the group Rothko, who disbanded after 13 years in October 2010. He now plays in the groups Rome Pays Off and Signals, and runs the wonderful Trace Recordings label. Mark says: “With the remix, I tried to convey both the dark and the wistful side of the track; the brutality of the subject matter, but also the sadness of the remembrance of the father who used to bring back ‘pieces
of the moon…’

Position Normal is Chris Bailiff & Katja Ekman: colourful audio is played on wood-panelled stereos, and voices are talking at you like you really never thought they would. It sounds decidedly stylish, in all this; beautiful; and you want to know where Position Normal have been going about dipping their fingertips. They say of their remix: “We felt that we wanted to use elements from the track itself and nothing more. All that was needed was there already. Only our memories of it are different”.

Psychological Strategy Board is a collaboration between Time Attendant and Jonny Mugwump. Based in London Paul Snowdon (Time Attendant) is a painter and musician. Jonny is a radio broadcaster and event curator, occasional music writer and DJ. They say about the track: “We crawled through many nights looping, texturing and playing live and determined to remain in the spirit of the original song. The end
result then is a live recording with no edits. It began as very specific homage to Klaus Schulze but we lost sight of this as other themes came to light. We still love Klaus though. We also had quite a lot to drink and wore some quite stupid clothes”. /

Zoon van snooK is the alias of Bristol Weirdsmith Alec Snook. The debut Zoon van snooK 12” EP was released on acclaimed Brighton label Cookshop at the end of 2008. Never afraid of a beguiling melody and always blurring the lines between experimental and accessible, Zoon van snooK produces evocative audio mosaics which offer something new with each listen. Al created the remix with “chopped and pulverised string parts with added synth revelry”.

Robert Logan has been composing for a number of years and the resulting debut ‘Cognessence’ shows the confidence of his production and the intelligent fusion of influences from folk, medieval and classical to krautrock and electronica. He blends acoustic and electronic instruments and sound sources including voices, field recordings and a hungarian cimbalom, and has developed an intuitive and fluid use of digital
production tools through which he squeezes, teases and shapes this material. He has a new album on Slowfoot in 2011. Robert says: “A remix [lovingly?] manufactured in the midsts of a brutal bout of insomnia, baked in the glare of moonlight”.

The Doomed Bird of Providence’s debut album, ‘Will Ever Pray’, is out on Front & Follow, featuring the original version of ‘Fedicia Exine’ and the five part operatic serial ‘The Massacre of the whole of the passengers and part of the crew of The Sea Horse on her homeward passage from Sydney’.

More info on the album can be found here

This is a great mix of songs from the Front & Follow catalogue. It includes music from The Doomed Bird of Providence’s debut album Will Ever Pray as well the Fedicia Exine Remix EP.


1. Dollboy Meets Sone Institute – A Slow Reader
(from the mini-album ‘The Sum and The Difference’)

2. Andy Nice – Ballax
(from the album ‘The Secrets of Me’)

3. Leyland Kirby – 3v14
(from ’14 Versions of the Same EP’ by Long Division with Remainders)

4. Elite Barbarian – Woods
(from the album ‘Its Only When You Get To The End That It All Makes Sense’)

5. The Doomed Bird of Providence – Fedicia Exine (Robert Logan Diazapam mix)
(from the mini-album ‘The Fedicia Exine Remixes)

6. Isnaj Dui – 3v5
(from ’14 Versions of the Same EP’ by Long Division with Remainders)

7. BLK w/BEAR – Sumimasen
(from the forthcoming EP ‘Sorry for your remixes’, original material by Yonokiero)

8. The Doomed Bird of Providence – Fedicia Exine (Mark Beazley mix)
(from the mini-album ‘The Fedicia Exine Remixes)

9. Yonokiero – Casey Jr
(from the album ‘Blue Apples’)

10.Yonokiero – Blue Apples (Sone Institute mix)
(unreleased track)

11. Sone Institute – Plane Sailing Song
(from the album ‘Curious Memories’)

12. The Doomed Bird of Providence – The Massacre… Part 4
(from the album ‘Will Ever Pray’)

13. Dollboy Meets Sone Institute – The Days Passed
(from the mini-album ‘The Sum and The Difference’)

Dead Air Live presents:
DAL06 – An evening of naval gazing
Part 2 in Dead Air Live: Experiments
Saturday 4th June 2011
7:30 for 7:45pm, £5

HONG KONG IN THE 60S (Ghost Box, Proper Songs)
Hauntological up-and-comers and Advisory Circle collaborators

Cliche-free violin duelling from Daniel Merrill and Rev Simpkins

Antipodean tales of death and misery

TETEROM (Digital Vomit)
Minimalist electronic soundscapes

CALACO (Obsolete Media Objects)
Creating sound to capture silence

Each performance will take place in a different part of the ship, which will mean steep stairs and ladders, so please wear appropriate footwear.

This event is made possible with the support and generosity of Jolian Searles, Commanding Officer Tony Adams and the Colchester Sea Cadets –

The Wire have put up an exclusive remix of The Doomed Bird of Providence’s Fedicia Exine by Sone Institute:

Fedicia Exine Remixes is to be released on Monday 13th June 2011.
More info at Front & Follow:

Listen to songs from Fedicia Exine Remixes: The Fedicia Exine Remixes by frontandfollow


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